• 5 reason to install dusk to dawn outdoor lights at your home

    If you are an inhabitant of a region that is not all around regarded for its legality then you may have seen a few or many of your neighbors introduce an dusk till dawn outdoor lights in their lawn, garden, yard or fundamental passageway. [View Details]
  • What is dusk to dawn outdoor flood light?

    Dusk to dawn outdoor flood light will work only during the darkest hours of the day and will automatically switch themselves off in the morning. This option seems to be a lot more reasonable and energy efficient than having your flood lights on all the evening and morning.  [View Details]
  • How Motion Detector Lights Work

    Motion detectors sense moving objects by picking up the heat that radiates from the object. The motion light will automatically turn on when the motion detector senses an object moving within its detection range -- the sensor will work especially well when warm objects move within the detection area, such as animals, people and cars. [View Details]
  • Why we use emergency lighting?

    You already know how important emergency lighting is to your building—it’s the safest way to maintain order and help people escape during an emergency situation. But not all emergency lights are created equal! While incandescent and fluorescent lights are still effective and popular, new advances in technology have led to LED emergency lights becoming the top choice for emergency crews. [View Details]
  • Lighting tips to save you money

    As the summer draws to an end and the days get shorter, lights are turned on earlier and home electricity bills can start to creep up. Lighting accounts for an average of five per cent of an average home’s electricity consumption, but by following these easy tips you can keep your costs down. [View Details]
  • What are the benefits of motion sensor lights?

    They provide light when you need it, and stop when no longer needed. An easy indoor example: put a motion-sensing light into your hallway, and if you need to get up in the middle of the night you won't have to worry about finding the lightswitch, but also won't be bothered by the light being on all night. Very helpfull if you have small kids [View Details]
  • 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Light Bulb

    While a light bulb’s function is fairly simple, choosing a light bulb is anything but. There are so many options available that it can seem overwhelming. Rather than buy a bulb that appears to fit, take the time to figure out which bulb is the right match for your fixture. Here are 5 things you should consider when choosing a light bulb: [View Details]
  • How to picking the right LED bulb for your home and office

    When you are looking for an ideal LED light bulb for your home or office, it is important to first know what actually your requirement is, then look for one that provides the right light and the right colour that you need. You may like to find a replacement for the common 60-watt incandescent bulb. When looking for an LED light bulb, it is important to consider how the light emits from the LED bulb, the base of the bulb and its dimension. An important aspect about LED bulbs is that it lasts for a much longer period than a conventional bulb or an CFL. Also, it does not contain mercury, so it is not harmful; you do not have to take care to dispose them off at a safe place due to its hazardous material. [View Details]
  • What things to consider when buying LED lighting

    While lumens are the new standard, it helps to have an easily recognizable guide. Comparing an LED bulb to an incandescent will give you a rough estimate of just how well it will light a room. As a very ballpark figure for LED wattages, 1/4 or 1/5 the incandescent wattage value is usually close to what you need. [View Details]
  • LEDs Cut New York's Christmas-Light Energy Needs by 35%, so solar string light will help you save more

    LEDs Cut New York's Christmas-Light Energy Needs by 35%, so solar string light will help you save more [View Details]


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